Odds & Ends

Lost & Found

A Lost & Found area is located in the lobby area in front of the administration office. To avoid losing clothing and other items, please label all of the child’s belonging.  At the end of the year, all items left in the Lost & Found will be donated.



Klein ISD school personnel are not permitted to give medication of any kind, including analgesics, similar preparations, or any other drugs, unless the parent requests in writing that there is a need for such medication and the parent provides the medication.  When administering prescription medication, the school district requires a written statement from a physician licensed to practice in the State of Texas. Please refer to the Student Handbook for further clarification.  All medication must be in its original container.

In addition, all medications, both prescription and over the counter, must be brought to and picked up at the clinic by a parent or guardian. Students are not allowed to bring medications to school or keep them in their possession. No vitamins, health food, or herbal preparations will be given. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the clinic at 832-484-6284.


Student Dress Code

Shorts may be worn to school. Students may wear shorts that come to mid-thigh or below (walking or Bermuda-type). No bicycle-type shorts, cutoffs with frayed bottoms, gymnastic or athletic-type attire is allowed. Any straps on girls’ shirts must be at least one inch in width and no off-the-shoulder blouses are allowed.

Students will be monitored to help them know what is acceptable and what is not.  Parents’ help is appreciated and may keep a student from the embarrassment of being sent to change clothes because of inappropriate attire. Please refer to the Student Handbook for the official Klein ISD dress code.


Teacher Conferences

If you desire a conference with your child’s teacher, please call or e-mail the teacher directly to set up a conference. It will be advantageous under normal circumstances if you give the teacher about three weeks to work with your child before setting up a conference. It takes about that long to get to know each student.


Weekly Folders

You can expect your child to bring a folder home every week. It is our hope that you and your child will take this opportunity to go over the papers together before you sign and return the folder on the following day. Your child will appreciate your praise for accomplishments and progress made, as well as your encouragement and understanding in those areas where improvement is needed.



In order to ensure maximum protection for your children, you must sign in at the front office with your state issued ID and receive a visitor’s tag. Please do not be offended if we ask you to go back and get a name tag.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Lemm hosts a variety of extracurricular, after school activities spanning from athletically based to academic challenges. Information about these will come home in your child’s folder with information on how to sign up and fees associated.

Upcoming Events


2018-2019 SPONSORS

We are so thankful for the generosity of our sponsors!